About Us

Welcome to Gramiyaa

Good health is above wealth. Gone are the good old days where our forefathers lived a healthy long life. Is technology advancement a boon or a bane? Like a coin has two sides, technology has paved its way for us to lead an unhealthy lifestyle.

Is the edible oil available in the market really edible oil? Are we enjoying the same food quality, taste and nutrition that our grandparents did decades ago?

The birth of KAVERI FOOD PRODUCTS, a startup by three brothers, found answers to these questions. Hailing from an agricultural family from a small village near Tiruchirappalli, the brothers decided to give back the people who deserved what our forefathers enjoyed – “NAATTU MARACHEKKU OIL”(Wood Cold Pressed Oil).



At Gramiyaa

The extraction of the oil  is done in traditional method using “Chekku”. we make sure that the oil is not heated above the room temperature as a result all the nutrients are retained without any loss. The pure oil is extracted and we do not add any chemicals or preservatives. We, at Gramiyaa always strive to give our best to ensure that people live a healthy life. “Purity and Hygiene” is our main motto and we are always committed towards it.